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Artist Statement

As an artist I am interested in the boundaries created by form, shape, and color.  This subject matter interests me because these boundaries are a metaphor for the different types of boundaries we encounter in our everyday existence. 

In my work I explore this subject matter by folding dimensional boxes out of painted paper.  I meticulously arrange the boxes creating a protruding grid of color, then adhere them to my substrate.  I then cover the entire surface with epoxy resin creating a glossy surface.  This surface creates the illusion of glass or tile perplexing the viewer to determine whether the boxes are projecting out or in relief.  My work is further characterized by vivid contrasts in color and subtle differences in whites and darks. 

With these works I want to make the viewer feel an emotional response to the contrasting color fields and to provoke the viewer to think about how the square boxes resemble things in everyday life, like our homes, city blocks, or even the windows we look out of to view the world around us.


 Janet Sherman

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